Arbitration and Mediation

The Firm has successfully litigated numerous local and international disputes through arbitration, including at the ICC , the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. Justice Dr. Apel-Danon also acts as an arbitrator for commercial and personal disputes.

Former Justice Dr. Nava Apel-Danon is a leading and recognized arbitrator in Israel, relying on 20 years of experience on the bench and 25 years as a private lawyer. She also provides invaluable strategic support to the firm on all arbitration matters which the firm handles.

The firm promotes arbitration as a viable alternative to litigation where appropriate. To this effect, we advise on the inclusion of well-drafted arbitration clauses into agreements where doing so would be in the best interest of the client, an issue requiring very special attention. Yet the firm is very efficient in obtaining judgment enforcement and interim relief from the courts, thereby realizing any arbitration proceeding to its fullest.

Special expertise and care are needed in particular in international agreements involving parties from or operating in different countries, where even the choice of venue of arbitration may be crucial to the outcome of a case.




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