Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The firm has extensive experience in various types of litigation and arbitration, including commercial litigation in various  matters, individual litigation, international arbitration litigation, bankruptcy litigation, litigation in diverse aspects of real estate, litigation related to intellectual property, as well as administrative and labor disputes. The firm has maintained a record of impressive success in all fields of litigation. The firm also has valuable experience in unique legal proceedings with regards to international conventions on taking evidence abroad and the Hague Convention, … [Read more...]

Administrative and Constitutional Issues

Adv, Gabriel Danon served for 6 years as the legal advisor of the World Likud, Israel’s ruling faction project management process. During this period he handled many sensitive administrative and constitutional issues for the Likud, both outside of courts and in courts and in the Likud’s tribunals. Adv. Danon handled such high-profile issues as the prevention of the PLO from infringing on the integrity of Israel’s legal sovereignty by calling for elections in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, as well as the prevention of the leader of an extreme and convicted arch-terrorist … [Read more...]

Labor Law Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The firm has experience in counseling and litigating a broad range of labor and employment matters in a variety of industries. We have represented our clients, both as plaintiffs and as defendants, in all forms of traditional labor matters including wage and benefits issues, employment discrimination, wrongful termination and severance pay, use of independent contractors, and other issues pertaining to hiring, compensation, and termination visit this site.     … [Read more...]