Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The firm has extensive experience in various types of litigation and arbitration, including commercial litigation in various  matters, individual litigation, international arbitration litigation, bankruptcy litigation, litigation in diverse aspects of real estate, litigation related to intellectual property, as well as administrative and labor disputes. The firm has maintained a record of impressive success in all fields of litigation.

The firm also has valuable experience in unique legal proceedings with regards to international conventions on taking evidence abroad and the Hague Convention, recently utilized by it in the Ehud Olmert case, whereby Israel’s former Prime Minister stood for trial and several witnesses from abroad were called on to testify.

Our litigation department is headed by Gabriel Danon, a seasoned litigator of nearly 20 years, and enjoys the benefit of nearly 50 years of litigation experience of former deputy chief justice Dr. Nava Apel-Danon, including 20 years serving as justice in the Israeli courts. Former Justice Dr. Danon advises on all substantial cases. We thus give the client a unique and well-rounded analysis of the case from the outset, including the court’s perspective, an important advantage to approaching any case creatively.

Gabriel Danon & Co. initially takes extra care to try and anticipate possible problems when giving contractual services and general consultation, whether to individuals or to corporate entities. When a dispute arises we advise on pre-litigation strategy to avoid the costs of litigation and to help achieve effective resolution and management of disputes.

However, where litigation is necessary in order to obtain a client’s objectives, Gabriel Danon & Co has earned a reputation of being a fierce and unflinching litigating firm and delivering exceptional litigation services.

The firm has extensive experience in Court appearances at all levels of the judiciary system, including appeals and administrative cases in the Supreme Court. We have successfully represented Israeli and Foreign clients in virtually all areas of civil and commercial litigation and dispute resolution.

The firm also represents large groups of dozens and  at times hundreds of plaintiffs filing for contractual and administrative relief from government agencies .

A few recent examples include a very large group of plaintiffs who have filed for relief against the Company for the Restoration and Development of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem and another large group who have filed action against the East Jerusalem Development Company, both government-run corporations.

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