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 Advocate Gabriel Danon

Gabriel Danon received his LLB from Bar-Ilan University in 1995. He went on to continuing legal studies at Harvard University in 1998 and later studied Middle Eastern Studies for an MA at Tel Aviv University in 2007-2008.

Gabriel Danon founded the firm of Gabriel Danon & Co. in 1997 in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, specializing in international transactions, commercial litigation and real estate.

He served for 6 years as independent and external counsel for Israel’s ruling Likud party under Prime Minister Netanyahu and is very familiar with the workings of government offices and agencies, as well as members of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset.

Gabriel Danon served as a medic in the Golani special infantry unit of the IDF. Before and after his military service he spent a few years learning in a couple of the leading Academies of Higher Jewish Studies (Yeshivot) and continues to study Talmud independently on a regular basis.

He is completely bi-cultural and speaks English as a mother tongue. He is fluent in French as well, while having a good working knowledge of Spanish.


msdanon Justice Dr.Nava Apel-Danon

 Former deputy chief Justice of the District Court Dr. Apel–Danon received her LLB from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and her LLM and doctorate from Northwestern University in Chicago.

She has been licensed as an attorney in Israel since 1961 and received a license to practice law in the State of Illinois in 1976.

Dr. Apel-Danon practiced corporate and civil law in both Israel and at Chicago, Illinois since 1961.

In 1987 she was appointed as a judge in the Magistrates Court and was later appointed as a judge in the District Court of Nazareth, where she became the deputy chief justice.

Dr. Apel-Danon has 45 years of experience in a diverse range of civil and criminal legal fields, both as an attorney and as a judge.

Her special expertise is in commercial law, and she served as the Bankruptcy Judge in her District Court.

Dr. Apel- Danon is well known in Israel as an arbitrator and mediator, and serves in many complex and important cases.

She also consults and accompanies many of the substantial cases handled by the office.




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