The Firm

Gabriel Danon & Co. was established in 1997 in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem as a fully bi-cultural firm specializing in international transactions, commercial litigation and real estate. In 2006 former deputy chief justice Dr. Apel-Danon of the District Court joined the firm as senior partner, bringing with her 45 years of legal experience.

Building on a commitment to offer creative tailor-made solutions for a client’s specific needs, together with a relentless and rigorous pursuit of excellence, the firm has prided itself on outstanding service and success in many and diverse fields of commercial and civil law, locally and internationally.

Gabriel Danon served for 6 years as independent and external counsel for Israel’s ruling Likud party under Prime Minister Netanyahu and is very familiar with the workings of government offices and agencies, as well as members of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset.

Benefiting from the senior partners’ many years of experience of studying and working in the U.S., the firm is able to provide not only fully bi-lingual service, but more importantly top-notch bi-cultural service, both to foreigners in Israel and to Israeli firms and individuals doing business abroad.

We pride ourselves on having a unique understanding of the particular needs of native English-speakers needing legal and business services in Israel, as well as those of Israelis doing business or needing legal services abroad.

This global experience, combined with 70 year of local experience of the senior partners, including judicial experience, serve as a priceless advantage to our clients.

We at Gabriel Danon & Co. pride ourselves on personal responsibility as well as easy accessibility, which we believe serves the client’s needs in the best possible way.



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